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Authentic Footballers f-minus

By Techie

April 6, 2006

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Website use and design-1 out of a possible 2 points-1 out of a possible 2 points
Erotic quality of content-1 out of a possible 2 points-1 out of a possible 2 points
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Exclusivity of content-1 out of a possible 2 points-1 out of a possible 2 points
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Amount of content-1 out of a possible 4 points-1 out of a possible 4 points-1 out of a possible 4 points-1 out of a possible 4 points
Overall grade

What I liked:

    What I disliked:

      What does Authentic Footballers promise on the outside? Does it deliver?

      Real football (soccer) players of the heterosexual persuasion is what is promised and that is what members get.

      What will users find and experience inside the website?

      If your fantasy is straight Latin men, you can't find better than this. The guys all seem to be from Argentina and are a nice mix from the European gene pool. Most of the guys are not classically handsome. These men fit the profile of the physically fit working man - a refreshing alternative to the Falcon or Colt image. Mostly uncut, these guys are for real.

      Clicking on a footballer's thumbnail opens his page with a list of content. The content for each guy follows the same formula. There is an interview video (in Spanish with subtitles) that opens with the player in a little ball action (soccer ball!) and then a Q & A. The next item on the menu is a photoset and video of the player posing, undressing and then some nude posing. The photographer must be a top because we get a spread-cheek view of every player, first while bending over at the waist and then while laying face down on the bed.

      The next item is a jack-off. Here's where we get the proof that these guys are straight. While the guys don't appear to be inhibited, most need a collection of titty mags to do the deed. If magazines were not in view, you could hear the soundtrack of a typical porn queen moaning and begging for more in the background.

      Some of the guys also have a few super sized photos. These images are so large and close-up that it is possible to count freckles and each pube.

      The quality of the photos and video is average, lacking the production values of the mega-sites. A still photographer takes flash photos during the videos, which is slightly distracting. The photo sets do not have a slide show feature.

      There is little variety in the presentation of each guy. Interview questions and camera poses are much the same from player to player. While the answers in the video interview are subtitled, any other spoken words in the other videos are not subtitled. If you speak Spanish, you'll get more out of the site since some of the guys carry on a conversation with the photographer while jacking.

      The site appears to be updated weekly and shows thumbnails of the guys to be added. There are no links to outside content.

      In conclusion...

      These footballers are exclusive to the site. For me the site was an interesting view of a macho culture very different from that in America.

      When asked about their first sexual experiences, several of the guys mentioned losing their virginity to a prostitute. When asked about the number of women they had been with some of the guys would say a number but then qualify it by saying that the count did not include prostitutes.

      Seems that sex witn an Argentine working girl doesn't count. Can you play with an Argentine boy and still be straight? Just asking.

      Aaron Lawrence's review f-minus

      April 13, 2013

      Authentic Footballers makes a single promise: lots and lots of amateur straight Latin soccer players jacking off. In that it delivers fantastically. The site has been adding models weekly for years with a single formula: a series of amateur mini-videos that showcase the guys being interviewed, playing soccer, showing off their bodies, jacking off, showering, and sometimes pissing. If this is the type of content a user enjoys, he will be highly pleased with what he finds inside. With more than 350 scenes so far and new scenes appearing weekly, there is no shortage of content to enjoy. Read full review

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